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We believe in creating, supporting, and engaging self-directed and confident individuals that can be resilient in their learning, work, and in their lives.

~Lori Dixon, Executive Director


Asset-Based Thinking (ABT) is a revolutionary and refreshing positive thinking and cognitive model proven to create and sustain greater optimism, resiliency, and confidence. When you employ ABT practices, individuals and groups of people are able to consistently shift the habits of mind to what’s working and what’s possible in every interaction and circumstance. Therefore, you can magnify what’s best as you apply a new and dynamic lens of the world. 


The mission of ABT in Action, LLC is to make individuals more successful by applying the concept of Asset-Based Thinking (ABT). Making the shift from Deficit-Based Thinking (DBT) to Asset-Based Thinking (ABT) creates a chain reaction that is an impetus for change that can be used by individuals, groups of people, or to develop a culture of social-emotional health and well-being. It fosters self-efficacy (the belief that one can achieve) and self-esteem (the belief in oneself) and shifts the habits of mind to magnify strengths, establish a healthy mindset, engage in creative problem solving, and create the best possible outcomes.


Connectedness to programs, services, and information is crucial to quality performance and high levels of accountability and sustainability in our lives and in our work. Our network of services is uniquely designed for each individual, team, and organization, yet integrated through cutting-edge learning and interactive systems. Our team provides professional and personal learning experiences and materials based on client needs and goals along with best practice measures to ensure outcomes are not only met but exceeded.

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