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ABT Positive Change Process


The ABT Positive Change Process includes professional learning that is experiential, hands-on, and interactive. All participants receive materials that are designed for immediate connection to life, learning, and work. Each level of the process can be customized for grade level, school, special populations, teams, business, personal, and organizational goals for effectiveness. 


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Building the ROC

The focus on this foundational level is to establish Resilience, Optimism, and Confidence (ROC) as you develop a growth mindset toward learning, work, and life. You will shift your language, thinking, and practice in order to create a culture of success.


For optimum result, you will want to start your ABT journey with this level...Building the ROC.

Navigating and Overcoming Challenges

The focus of this level is on solution-seeking strategies to increase personal assets in order to master challenges encountered in learning, work, and life. You will construct learning opportunties where positive-based solutions can be applied to create success. The goal is for empowerment for the individual and the community. For optimum result, you will find Navigating and Overcoming challenges a perfect compliment to the process

Creating the Ripple Effect

The focus of this level is your personal influence and impact through developing strategies for better communication, interaction, and working with others. As a successful team, you will build expertise and best practice and foster a diverse community where everyone works together to achieve their personal best. For optimum result you will continue your ABT journey with ...Creating the Ripple Effect.  

Paving the Path Forward

The focus on this final level in the process is to move the ABT tools and strategies into action. You will find opportunities to apply new found skills to projects and pave a purposeful path for relevant learning and growth experiences in work and life. Your community will launch a "life long learning" mission to make a difference in the world through positive change.

For optimum result, you will want to complete your journey with ...Paving the Path Forward!


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