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ABT in Action paves the path from asset-based and asset-thinking to asset-driven by putting the psychology of Asset-Based Thinking ™ into practice for educational and youth services, educator and leadership development, and nonprofit and small business opportunities. Most importantly, this philosophy can be the shift needed in creating citizens of the global world that will leverage their abilities to new knowledge and innovations for tomorrow in order to create deep systemic change.















ABT in Action, LLC, was founded as a response to the growing need in the educational field for a knowledge-based and experiential learning programming and services to support the development of the growth mindset and creating a positive culture of change in our students, schools, and communities. Lori Dixon, saw the vision for asset-based thinking in our schools today. Along with Dr. Kathryn Cramer and Hank Wasiak, they formed a viable and powerful partnership. With ABT’s influence in the corporate, health, and business markets, and now in the educational and leadership field the philosophy of Asset-based thinking ™ has reached a national and international audience. You may want to visit our foundational partner, Dr. Kathryn Cramer at: or


ABT in Action has delivered numerous keynotes, workshops, university classes, and events for students, teachers, administrators, youth leaders, parents, and adults to promote ABT in the educational, non-profit, public and private, secular and faith-based, and leadership arenas. ABT in Action has expanded its work into consulting and coaching, working with both individuals and groups to effect change and enhance social-emotional growth and well-being. The results and changes we have experience so far have been beyond our expectations and have been met with high praise and enthusiasm by the participants to make ABT an integral part of their lives

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