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ABT in Action has delivered numerous keynotes, workshops, university classes, and events for students, teachers, administrators, youth leaders, parents, and adults to promote ABT in the educational, non-profit, public and private, secular, and faith-based, and leadership arenas. 


ABT in Action has expanded its work into consulting and coaching, working with both individuals and groups to effect change and enhance social-emotional growth and well-being. The results and changes we have experience so far have been beyond our expectations and have been met with high praise and enthusiasm by the participants to make ABT an integral part of their lives.

"My team and I (6 teacher-leaders) attended a powerful seminar led by Lori Dixon recently - and the impact on our teachers was immediate. On the way home, we all  

discussed the concept of changing students from the inside-out - instead of putting the quick-fix on student behavior; we need to refocus on student motivation and heart-change.

Lori's ABT concept is fully student-centered:  teachers and leaders gain insight and some key tools to help young people see their strengths and build on their solid foundation points.  Lori has a beautiful way of presenting research-based information and strategies to adults - while adding the 'heart' connection that led most of us into education in the first place.  Her seminar will challenge the way you think about your struggling students - and give you some strategies to change kids from the inside-out. We are continuing our journey with ABT during the next school year. "


~Tim Reilly,

Assistant Superintendent in Lincoln-Way District 210

". . . ABT teaches the students how to look at individual situations form multiple viewpoints so that tension within friendships or personal struggles can be better understood and overcome."



~Megan Sheehan,

M.A.T., Challenge Charter School

Client Testimonial from a district-wide implementation of workshops and coaching: "...From the initial meeting with Lori Dixon, through the professional 

development and coaching that she and her staff provided to our teachers, Lori’s team was professional, thorough and detailed in their approach. They were committed to helping us meet the challenges before us and they provided us with professional development that was specific to the needs of the fourteen buildings in our district with whom they worked and to the individual needs of each teacher they coached... The valuable information that our teachers gained through their time with Lori and her staff is seen and felt in classrooms, Kindergarten through twelfth grade, throughout our district." 


~Douglas Doller,

Director of Instruction,

East Ramapo Central School District, NY

"As an Asset-Based Thinker, you will become: more resilient, more creative and competent, more caring and compassionate, more optimistic, and more confident.  What a magnificent ABT year it is going to be!"


 ~Angela Long

(CA educator in Summer ABT workshops 2013) 

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